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We carry out:

Alfresco painting

Today, under alfresco painting understand a whole range of methods. Since almost all the finishing and monumental and decorative decor are done on a dry prepared base, the term is mostly used for a separate subspecies of decoration art and interior style. This is a classic in a modern interpretation, a reminder of the times when they appreciated the true grandeur and the sophisticated beauty of the living space.


Painting Wall

A wonderful way to enrich and organize the interior space will help the interior painting, painting in the interior. They fulfill not only the role of decoration, but at the same time they are able to completely change visual perception, attract attention and emphasize status.


Painting Сeilings

Painting on the ceilings is a classic decorative technique to make the interior unique. We know how to achieve a balance in addressing the traditional canons of beauty and their aesthetic relevance in a particular space.


Panels and door

Painting panels is one of the most convenient and stylish ways of decorating the interior, which is used in the decoration of luxury rooms. Art objects and accessories have been and remain in trend at all times.


Our advantages

Short time

We are a team of restoration artists, therefore, we carry out the painting of large volumes in a short time.


The artists of the studio have been working since 1997. Among the facilities are 32 villas, 3 manors and 1 private palace.

Live Portfolio

Our portfolio contains only live shots of our work. More can be found on social networks.


For all painting works we give a guarantee of 55 years. We have developed our own technique, which has increased light resistance (resistant to fading) and wear-resistant (you can carry out wet cleaning).

Help in solving the problem

If you do not have a project yet, or you need to finalize it (based on examples), we will help you create it. For 22 years, we have been to many historical places in the world, and we also study the collected material from the libraries of New York and London on architecture and interior decoration.

High mobility

Performed work in different countries: Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain. Ready to expand geography. A new city or country expands our knowledge of architecture and history.

About team
«Park Zodchy»

Since 1997, we have formed a team of art lovers and restoration masters. Completed projects on 32 villas, 3 estates and 1 private palace, and took part as subcontractors in a mass of interesting projects.

Each specialist in our team has a specialized education. For 22 years in a row we have been collecting technology, visiting museums and palaces around the world. The studio team originated in St. Petersburg - the standard city of classical styles in the interiors of palaces.

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